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Baby Shower

My husband and I recently threw a baby shower for some of our friends who have a baby girl arriving next month! Because we are friends with both of them, we decided to throw a co-ed shower and have it be more of a party as opposed to a lot of women sitting around eating… Continue reading Baby Shower

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How to throw an AMAZING bachelorette party!

Of course the months leading up to a wedding are full of showers and events but one of the things that the whole bridal party anticipates most is the bachelorette party, of course! Here is a roundup of the 8 must haves that will make for an unforgettable bachelorette weekend! Some are logistical and some… Continue reading How to throw an AMAZING bachelorette party!

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Chalkboard Signs

Hey there! I feel like chalkboard signs are popping up all over the place and so I was so excited to be asked to do a few recently. My feelings of "hooray! I get to do a chalkboard sign" were immediately followed by "how do I do a chalkboard sign??" After trying a few different… Continue reading Chalkboard Signs

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Fauxligraphy – fake it until you make it

I've referenced "fauxligraphy" a couple of times on my blog and had planned to do a post on it at some point, but after getting a couple of questions on how to do some lettering here and there, I realized it was definitely needed! Fauxligraphy is exactly what it sounds like: getting the look of… Continue reading Fauxligraphy – fake it until you make it