Stylishly Organized Offices

We'll be moving into our new house in August (as long as all goes as planned) and one of the areas I'm most excited to plan is some office space! I think because these are generally smaller, you can have more fun decorating than you would in a larger room, which is perfect for a … Continue reading Stylishly Organized Offices

Hot Chocolate Bar

Hope everyone enjoyed their New Years! We had a few get togethers over the holidays and this was one of my favorite parts--a hot chocolate bar! (And it resulted in some delicious leftovers that lasted me through New Years Day). This is such a fun idea that both kids and adults will love and have … Continue reading Hot Chocolate Bar

Crazy for Kraft

Even though we're already a month into fall, in Charlotte it feels like the season is just getting started. My mom has always said "in North Carolina, you can't put your summer clothes away until after Halloween" and this year she is right more than ever! While I do love the regular signs of fall, … Continue reading Crazy for Kraft