Brown Paper Packages

Growing up, I always just used a combination of whatever wrapping paper my mom had in the house. Now that I have my own tree, I like to come up with a wrapping theme so that everything looks cohesive under the tree. Sounds silly, I know, but it literally makes me happy every time I… Continue reading Brown Paper Packages

Living Lovely

Crazy for Kraft

Even though we're already a month into fall, in Charlotte it feels like the season is just getting started. My mom has always said "in North Carolina, you can't put your summer clothes away until after Halloween" and this year she is right more than ever! While I do love the regular signs of fall,… Continue reading Crazy for Kraft

Lettered Lovely

Feels like Christmas morning!!

OK maybe it doesn't quite feel like Christmas, especially because it's 90 degrees outside right now in North Carolina but it's Amazon Prime Day and that is reason enough to celebrate! There are so many options that it's a bit overwhelming, especially since they keep adding new items every hour. Here are some of my… Continue reading Feels like Christmas morning!!

Weddings & Events

Bridesmaids Gift Ideas

If you're reading this, chances are you either currently are or recently have been involved in a wedding in some way, shape, or form. There are so many events leading up to the actual wedding which means lots of gift exchanging! Whether it's thanks to Pinterest or Instagram, brides seem to be getting more and… Continue reading Bridesmaids Gift Ideas

Lettered Lovely

To Finetec or Not to Finetec?

Finetec paint was literally everywhere when I joined the Instagram world of lettering and painting. If you're not familiar with Finetec, they are most popular for their palette of metallic gold watercolor paint. It has so many uses--you can use it for glittery backgrounds, swish a Pentel Aquash Brush in it and do some metallic… Continue reading To Finetec or Not to Finetec?